Episode 1: David Stanley, Creator of Skelattack

October 01, 2017

In this episode we get a chance to talk to David Stanley, creator of the upcoming Steam Greenlit platformer, Skelattack.

David Stanley has years of experience in animation, mobile game art, and level design. The projects that he’s worked on have appeared in multiple top 10 lists on iTunes.

On top of that, his apps have even been featured on Apple’s “New Games We Love” list a total of 15 times.

David got his start in the industry as a freelancer, re-skinning mobile games that were re-sold on the App store. Although he was successful, he desired more fulfilling work.

As a result, he found himself a business partner, and the two of them began creating their own games using the BuildBox game maker platform.

Since then, he’s branched off to work on a passion project, on which he handles all art, animation, and programming.

David’s Game, Skelattack

Skully from SkelattackIn Skelattack you play as Skully, an enchanted skeleton living in the deepest, darkest part of a dungeon. You and your bat companion, Imber, must venture out and protect your home from intruders.

During our interview we learned all about how the project came to be. It started with humble origins as a simple mock-up thought up and sketched by David.

This idea evolved from a character with a simple walk cycle animation, to the full-fledged platformer that it is today.

While underneath it may seem like just another clone, Skelattack is packed with a lot of heart, character, and a great story to boot.

As you’ll hear in this interview, each and every detail has been thoroughly thought out. From the combat mechanics to the animation of an NPC flipping the pages of a book, Skelattack has had a lot of love poured into it.

Follow David Stanley on Twitter at @Dave_Draws and his game, Skelattack at @Skelattack.

You can find more information about Skelattack on it’s official website.

Show Notes
  • 1:06

    We talk to David about what makes him tick

  • 3:49

    David tells us how he became a game developer

  • 9:28

    We get into Skelattack, David’s upcoming platformer

  • 18:24

    David talks about the music by @JamalGreenMusic

  • David tells us how he got connected with his publisher, Ukuza

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